Pioneers in the field of medical cannabis since 1995

For a higher quality of life

Guaranteed MariPharm quality

MariPharm offers consumers what they really need in the field of cannabis and CBD: products you can rely on. We really know and understand cannabis and have performed research on different levels for over 25 years: everything from research into breeding, to analytical laboratory studies and clinical research. MariPharm is the world’s first company to have received an opium exemption for medicinal cannabis and the world’s first supplier of prescription medical cannabis to pharmacies. This is part of the reason we are expertise body and consultant for businesses and governmental organizations. Our knowledge and experience is at the base of all our products, such as our CBD oil.

The core of what we do

Our high-quality products stem from these 5 core values we at MariPharm adhere to:

Pioneer in the field of medical cannabis

Patented plant genetics

In-house production chain from cutting to end-product

Standardized production process to guarantee a reliable end-product

Ground-breaking scientific research

Buy our cannabis oil products

Our high quality CBD products are available at pharmacies, but you can also purchase them through our webshop. You’ll find CBD oil in 4%, 10% and 20% variants, while the CBD oil 4% also comes as a spray. We also offer our MariCare and MariCreme to support your skin! Do you want to know more about the way we work, our products or do you have any other questions? Contact our customer service or have a look at our frequently asked questions!

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