Why Choose MariPharm

At MariPharm we strive to create products that improve your quality of Life. We achieve this by deploying the most advanced methods, not only for production, but also for testing and improving our products. Only the very best is good enough.


Pioneers in Medicinal Cannabis

MariPharm was the world’s first company to receive an opium exemption for medical-grade cannabis. MariPharm was the also world’s first supplier of prescription medicinal cannabis to pharmacies, which resulted in amendments  to laws in The Netherlands as well as various other countries, thus making medical cannabis legal in the countries in question.


Standardized Production Processes for a Reliable End-product

MariPharm has introduced a worldwide quality system for the production, analysis and distribution of Medical Grade Cannabis (MGC®). Our methods of extraction and production follow GMP guidelines, and the cannabinoid-profiles of all products are painstakingly analyzed. The quality of each product batch is thoroughly analyzed to ensure that our CBD that meets the highest quality-standards  for CBD oil production. The results of these analyses and  the composition contents of our CBD oil are readily available for public scrutiny via our Website.


Patented Plant Genetics

Since its foundation, MariPharm has consistently developed the world’s best cannabis genetics. Our focus is not merely on cultivars meant for large-scale production, but principally on the effects on the human body of  cannabis plant compounds. Thanks to years of experience with medical cannabis, our worldwide network, and extensive research into various cultivars, MariPharm owns a host of stabile and qualitative genetics, patented under Dutch Law and used as raw materials for the products we produce.


Managing the Production Chain from Plant to End-product in-house

In-house Production Chain Everything begins with the raw material, in our case the cannabis plants. The cultivars we use are all MariPharm-owned by to  ensure the best possible product quality. Over the past 25 years, we have selected and developed specific plant genetics, and by applying our quality system to production, analysis and distribution of our plant genetics, we can continually guarantee best  product quality.

Groundbreaking Scientific Research

Since 1995, MariPharm has been conducting research into the effects and efficacy of cannabis and the cultivars we breed. In addition to our own research team, we also collaborate with leading scientists, universities, government research facilities, pharmacists and doctors. We are currently conducting clinical research in cooperation with various universities We are also developing new application methods using the most suitable cultivars  to specific effects.

Pioneers in Medicinal Cannabis

Patented Plant Genetics

In-house production chain from plant to final product

Standardized production processes that guarantee a consistently reliable end-product

Ground-breaking Scientific Research

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