CBD oil: How to determine dosage

September 24, 2021

CBD oil: How to determine dosage

CBD comes in many forms: anything from oil, to spreadable creams and candy. What matters is that CBD enters the circulatory system. The most ideal dosage depends on various factors, such as weight, sensitivity to CBD, pre-existing medical conditions and the underlying reason to use CBD. This means the ideal dosage is different for everyone. We’re happy to help you find out which dosage works best for you.

Increase slowly

Our bodies can handle a lot of CBD and there are little to no side-effects known. Studies show that a daily dosage of 6000mg has nearly no side-effects. This dosage of 6000mg is the equivalent of 15 bottles of CBD oil 4%. Yet it’s in your own best interest to start on a low dosage. This makes it much easier to find your lower limit, and to discover at which dosage you start to benefit from CBD. For example: start with 5 to 10mg of CBD a day, and increase this by another 5 to 10 mg every few days, until you reach the desired effect.

Even if you’re an experienced CBD user, it’s best to adhere to this guideline. Are you thinking about changing the concentration, method of consumption or the type of CBD product? Increase the dosage slowly. This way it’s going to be much easier to tell the difference between the new approach and the old one, and to adjust if necessary.

Apart from this, we always recommend consulting your physician about using CBD in combination with other (prescription) drugs. Your physician can give you a personal advice.

The concentration of CBD in CBD oil

To find the right dosage, it’s also important to take into account the percentage of active substance; the concentration. CBD oil 4% will have approximately 1,3mg CBD in one drop. With a 10% oil this will be 3,3mg per drop. Are you selecting a CBD oil for the first time and do you want to decide which one is best for you? You can calculate this based on your bodyweight.

Let us help you!

Do you have any further questions about the dosage of CBD oil? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to give you a personal advice, to make sure you benefit from your CBD oil as much as possible! Of course you can always consult your physician with any questions as well.