CBD oil 10%

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10% CBD Oil
Our 10% CBD oil contains 975mg of CBD mixed with cold-pressed hemp seed oil and packaged in a 10ml pharmaceutical-glass bottle. MariPharm’s premium quality CBD oil is the safest and most reliable way to improve your quality of life!

MariPharm’s Unique Advantages

  • MariPharm’s high quality CBD oil is safe and reliable
  • Constant CBD-content, without THC and harmful residues
  • Analysis in-house and by a certified external laboratory

10% CBD Oil
Our 10% CBD oil contains 975mg of CBD mixed with cold-pressed hemp seed oil and packaged in a 10ml pharmaceutical-glass bottle. MariPharm’s premium quality CBD oil is the safest and most reliable way to improve your quality of life!

MariPharm CBD Oil;

  • Contains a verified, consistent amount of CBD
  • Contains no THC or other harmful residuals
  • Undergoes stringent in-house laboratory analysis and testing as well as third-party lab analysis and certification and is derived from the own production of MariPharm’s MGC-genetics.

What is CBD and what function does it have in the human body?
CBD is short for Cannabidiol, one of the two most prominent single compounds within the human body’s own cannabinoid system, which are also found in the cannabis plant. The other prolific cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as ‘THC.’ These cannabinoids are produced naturally by the human body, and either mimic or strengthen other naturally occurring endocannabinoids within the human body’s own endocannabinoid system. Moreover, endocannabinoids and the Human Endocannabinoid System are in part responsible for regulating mood, stress levels, sleep, metabolism, memory, appetite, pain sensation and the immune system. As opposed to THC, Cannabidiol is completely non- psychoactive, which means you cannot get ‘high’ on CBD nor on our 10% CBD oil. A more detailed description of the Human Endocannabinoid System and the effects of CBD and is available in our blog.

What Can our 10% CBD oil be used for?
As previously explained, Cannabidiol influences our endocannabinoid system and related processes in our bodies. Users experience a multitude of positive effects from CBD. The anti-psychotic effects of CBD, for instance, are often named as a cause for anxiety relief. The calming effects of CBD oil also enhance our sleep and help combat insomnia. It can also reduce muscle aches and pains, by helping you relax, which is also the reason good results have been achieved when using CBD oil to treat epilepsy.  Apart from these examples, there are many additional beneficial ways CBD oil can be used!

Why choose MariPharm 10% CBD oil?

At MariPharm we continuously strive to produce the very best quality products. Our products reflect our corporate ethos. Choosing our 10% CBD oil is the right decision for the following reasons:

  • MariPharm are Pioneers in the field of Medicinal Cannabis
    More than 25 years of experience is the basis for all our products
  • Patented Plant Genetics
    Maripharm owns a wide assortment of stable and qualitative proprietary genetics. These cultivars have been patented under Dutch Law and are used as raw materials for the products we produce.
  • We Guarantee In-house production from Cultivar to End-Product
    MariPharm has adopted a worldwide quality system for the production, analysis and distribution of Medical Grade Cannabis (MGC®). We analyse the quality of each batch and only use CBD ingredients that meet- the highest quality-standards to produce our CBD oil.
  • Our Standardized Production Processes guarantee a consistently Reliable End-Product
    Our methods of extraction as well as our production techniques are standardized in accordance with GMP guidelines, resulting in consistent and high-quality products.
  • Ground-breaking Scientific Research
    We use ground-breaking preclinical research to discover new possibilities for pain management and relief using our cannabis and CBD oil.

Is CBD safe?
MariPharm CBD products contain the active and inactive ingredients specified on the box and are completely safe for human consumption. However, if too much CBD is used, side-effects may occur. Therefore, please increase your dosage gradually. In addition, as CBD may influence other medication in addition to its side-effects, please consult your medical practitioner first if you are taking any OTC or prescription medication.

How to Use our CBD Oil
Take three drops three times a day, after a meal. With a recommended dose of 9 drops a day, a 10ml bottle should last one month. Please read our blog to learn more about how to determine the correct dosage.

We Are Here to Help You!
Should you have any questions or comments regarding our 10% CBD oil please contact our Customer Service Team at +31 85 13014 74 or e-mail us at info@maripharm.com.

CBD Olie 10% certificaat

We would love to help you!

Do you have any questions or comments about our CBD oil 10%? We are always ready for you! Please contact our customer service department at +31 85 13014 74 or e-mail your question to info@maripharm.com

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