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Do you want to buy the best CBD oil? From cutting-edge research and over 25 years of experience throughout the chain, our highest quality CBD products have been created. We make our CBD oil of superior quality thanks to:

  • The very best plants
    We breed our own, specifically developed plants. 
  • More than 25 years of experience with medical cannabis
    A treasure trove of knowledge and experience, that’s at the base of all our products. 
  • Patented genetics
    Carefully selected, based on quality and efficacy. Our own developed plants can only be produced by us. 
  • Standardised production techniques
    Our methods of extraction as well as our production techniques are standardised in accordance with GMP guidelines, resulting in consistent and high quality products. 
  • Focus on advanced research
    Together with our scientific partners, we have been involved in many different studies over the years: ranging from breeding techniques to clinical research, giving us many new insights that benefit our products. 
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