Since its foundation in 1995, MariPharm has been looking for the best genetics in the world, not only in terms of production, but also in terms of effects and ingredients. Through years of experience with medicinal cannabis, the worldwide network, and especially extensive research into various cannabis varieties, MariPharm has come into possession of many stable, high-quality strains.

  • 25 years of active breeding of medicinal cannabis
  • Patented plant varieties (plant breeders’ rights)
  • Advanced InVitro research
  • Wide spectrum of THC & CBD varieties

MariPharm works exclusively with Viscon Group in the field of InVitro propagation research and formulation of cannabis genetics.

Cannabis Flowers

MariPharm produces the highest quality CBD flowers all year round for both extraction and other applications. The standardized production method combined with stable plant genetics consistently ensures an uniform final product. MariPharm offers the highest quality CBD flowers from its foreign production locations.


MariPharm has more than 20 years of experience in analysing cannabis. Using the HLPC(-method), MariPharm carefully performs analyses to map, among other things, a detailed cannabinoid profile of various cannabis genetics.

CBD products

MariPharm produces a wide range of CBD products, including food supplements, cosmetics and medical aids. These products are available through both the MariPharm webshop and the pharmacy.
MariPharm manages the entire production chain, from seed to final product. MariPharm has developed high quality, safe and effective CBD products as a result of its experience with cannabinoids over the past 20 years as well as its compliance with GMP standards.

Oil & concentrates

MariPharm produces cannabis extracts, utilizing 25 years of experience and state-of-the-art techniques in the process. MariPharm uses the ethanol-extraction technology to obtain the purest and cleanest possible extract and to ensure the cannabinoids are not affected by the extraction process.

This clean and pure extract can then be dissolved in a consumable oil that acts as carrying agent, firstly to comply with statutory regulations and also to ensure the administering of the substance is as easy and tasty as possible for the user.

MariPharm produces cannabis oil products containing different percentages of CBD and other cannabinoids in order to meet the unique needs of each customer. MariPharm manages the entire production process, from seed to finished product, and constantly monitors and improves the standardized processes, which are executed subject to GMP standards.

MariPharm CBD (2%, 4%, 10%)

MariPharm’s high quality CBD oil is safe and reliable

Constant CBD-content, without THC and harmful residues

Analysis in-house and by a certified external laboratory

MariCare (skin oil)

Favours the healing power of the skin

Can be used for, among other things, red, inflamed and itchy skin

Can be applied to pimples and infected body parts


Helps with skin aging such as wrinkling and sagging

Supports the restorative capacity and elasticity of the skin

Suitable for both dry and sensitive skin