Clinical research

MariPharm stands for quality and reliability, which is why we believe it is essential to conduct (clinical) research into medicinal cannabis and the products we develop. We are currently engaged in clinical research into pain relief using exclusively MariPharm CBD oil.

Tissue culture & plant genetics

In collaboration with Viscon Group, MariPharm is conducting research into the InVitro formulation of cannabis genetics. The developing and maintaining of stable plant genetics is very important for MariPharm in order to ensure that every batch is stable and uniform, ensuring that MariPharm can deliver a standardized end product at all times.

Product development

MariPharm is a specialist in medicinal cannabis and CBD. We know and understand the plant, the effects and the challenges relating to product development. In collaboration with forward-thinking partners, we have produced some of the most reliable and high-quality CBD products available in the worldwide market.


Clean extraction is of utmost importance for the working and processing of the cannabioids. MariPharm has more than a decade of experience in the developing and implementing high quality and very specific extraction methods.