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pioneering work and research into Medical Grade Cannabis Founded in the Netherlands Since 1995

Advising governments on how to establish and manage medicinal cannabis programs aimed at improving the quality of life and health of its citizens.

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Years expertise


MariPharm® has consistently utilized innovative technologies, and has developed a revolutionary extraction process for CBD that consistently guarantees the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade product, formulated from pure CBD extract produced according to the most stringent EU GMP standards.

Identity Development

Years of research supported by leading scientists, universities, government agencies, research institutes, pharmacists and doctors, backed by an Opium License from the Dutch Ministry of Health, Sports and Welfare, have resulted in high-quality and safe (CBD-) products.

Quality control

MariPharm® maintains a dedicated, high-tech laboratory for quality control, with third-party quality oversight and testing guaranteed by renowned Dutch Government approved laboratory that issues Certificates of Analysis for each batch of CBD oil.

About us

Maripharm is a ground-breaking Phyto-Pharmaceutical Company that produces the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade CBD oil in the world.

28+ years expertise

MariPharm was founded in the Netherlands in 1995 and for more than two decades has undertaken pioneering research into the cannabis plant.

World's first

MariPharm was the first company worldwide to receive a government license to grow, research, process and sell Medicinal Grade Cannabis (MGC) which they exclusively provided to the public between 1995 and 2003.


With over 30,000 patients having benefited from the use of MariPharm’s MGC products, they have a wealth of knowledge in the use of cannabis, especially when relating to strains and genetics of the plant for different impacts and ailments.


MariPharm products set the standard worldwide in producing and analysing cannabidiol with every batch going through stringent quality control measures to ensure the best quality product every time.

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Quality control


From seed to finished product

1. Genetics

MariPharm has an extensive range of (patented) genetics at its disposal. The genetics are of a high and stable quality, achieved by 25 years of research and development.

2. Production

MariPharm has several (interational) high-tech production locations. The production is standardized, without artificial additives, and is carefully monitored.

3. Harvest

As soon as the CBD hemp has reached the optimal condition, the flowers are harvested. These subsequently undergo a special drying process.

4. Extraction

MariPharm has been researching the optimal extraction technique since 1995. These years of experience ensure a clean and pure extract.

5. Quality control

Each batch is analysed separately in both our own laboratory and in that of a third party certified by the government. If the quality meets Mari harm's standards, the batch is released by the quality manager.

6. Sales

MariPharm stands for quality, safety and effectiveness. MariPharm's BD products are sold exclusively by selected distributors and through the pharmacy.

From seed to sale

To ensure the highest quality standard of CBD products, MariPharm believes it is essential to engage with every step of the supply chain. From harvesting our seeds, laboratory testing for quality, to distributing our exceptional finished products.



Dedicated high-tech laboratory – with third-party quality oversight and testing of each batch of product guaranteed by a renowned laboratory approved by the Dutch government to issue Certificates of Analysis.


MariPharm maintains a state of the art manufacturing and grow facility.

Milestone moments

MariPharm also holds Dutch Government permits and currently has several new ground-breaking CBD products under development that will be introduced in the very near future.

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